Improving Access to Sexual Reproductive Health Information And Services For Women

Project Objective

  • To enhance the capacity of adolescent girls and young women to seek and access sexual reproductive health information and services in mugalama sub county by 2023.
  • To strengthen the capacity of AGYW, TBAs and health service providers in addressing complications resulting from child delivery and/or unsafe abortions in mugalama sub county by 2023.
  • To improve access to sexual reproductive health services and information among community members in mugalama sub county by 2023.
  • Work with CLAS, TBAS, justice actors and health workers to develop a video play/documentary on harm reduction as a tool to prevent unsafe abortion
  • Conduct 5 health camps in mugalama sub county to provide SRHR information and services including HIV testing, family planning, cervical cancer screening for rural women.
  • Develop, print and disseminate translated information material on SRHR including flyers, posters during health camps and cla activities.
  • Support CLAS to develop work plans and implement activities including home/village visits, village drama sessions, identifying and referring women for post abortion care services, village sensitization meetings on SRHR and harm reduction and administration of misoprostol.
  • Support clas to conduct radio talk shows to sensitize community women on their sexual reproductive health rights and available SRHR services