Rural Aid Foundation (RAFO) is a women and Youths centered non-profit organization whose mandate is to advance and advocate for Health, digital rights and economic empowerment among vulnerable persons in Uganda. RAFO was founded initially as a community based organization and later registered as a nonprofit organization to advocate and advance, Health, digital rights and economic rights and empowerment among vulnerable persons including refugees, persons with disabilities, sexual and ethnic minority group, sex workers, Adolescent Girls, women and children especially those in rural communities. It was founded by children borne as a result of intermarriages between Ugandans and refugees who fled the Rwanda Genocide. Our work is in three broad programs including; Health and Health Determinants, Digital rights and Economic Empowerment. RAFO has offices in Kibaale district in Bunyoro sub region in Western Uganda

We achieve this mandate through utilization of the “human rights based Approach and the community driven approaches” that guide direct implementation for service delivery, advocacy, research, and community empowerment in health, Digital and technology rights and Economic Empowerment.