RAFO aims to ensure every child, orphan and vulnerable children in rural communities, refugee children, and internally displaced children have access to formal (primary, secondary, tertiary and university) and informal education through strategies like online education, vocational skills training, and scholarship programs. We believe education is a human right, a protection tool and has a huge role in rural transformation.

Current Projects

Rural Girl child Education(RGE) Project

With emphasis on girl child education in rural communities, refugee settlements and internally displaced communities through strategies like advocating for safe learning environment for girls, promoting back to school campaigns for “school drop outs, mainly “Girl school drop outs” RAFO is working to see every child in school.

RAFO also focuses on utilizing technology to increase access to education for refugees through the rural community technology access project (RCTA) where we advocate and provide technical support for refugees and rural community children and youth access online education materials.

Many refugee girls and rural community girls in Uganda drop out of school due to early and unplanned pregnancies and other economic and social barriers. RAFO has provided an opportunity to have them back in school formally or informally through adult education programs and accelerated learning programs.

We are also doing much in creating awareness in rural communities to break the social barriers that limit access to education through dialogue and engagement with religious, clan, family, parents and guardians.