Who We Are

Rural Aid Foundation (RAFO) was founded in 2013 originally as a rural community support, research, advocacy and a social integral platform between refugees and Ugandan rural host communities in Kyangwali refugee settlement in Western Uganda.

It was founded by University students on their research who found themselves recording the same social, economic and environmental challenges among refugee youth and rural youth in Ugandan host rural communities. It was officially registered as a company limited by guarantee, without a share capital, thus not-for profit in 2018 according to the Ugandan laws. RAFO’s mandate is to ensure vulnerable rural communities in Uganda have access to social services and are empowered to contribute to sustainable development.

We achieve this mandate through utilization of the “human rights based and the community driven approaches” that guide direct implementation of service delivery, advocacy, research, documentation and community empowerment in thematic areas under the three sustainable development paradigms (Social, economic and environment).

RAFO works through “rural local community project structures” as part of our sustainability plan including having “a rural community fundraising structure” that supplements our donor funding.