Who We Are

Rural Aid Foundation (RAFO) was founded originally as a rural community support, research, advocacy and a social integral platform between refugees and Ugandan rural host communities in Kyangwali refugee settlement in Western Uganda. It was founded by University students who were borne as a result of intermarriages between Ugandans and refugees who had fled the Rwanda genocide. It was officially registered as a company limited by guarantee, without a share capital, thus not-for-profit in 2018 according to the Ugandan laws. RAFO was later registered as a non-governmental organization to advocate, advance and promote digital, health and economic rights for vulnerable persons in Uganda. They achieve this mandate through the utilization of a human-rights based and community-driven approach that guides direct implementation of service delivery, advocacy, research, documentation and community empowerment in three thematic areas; Health and Health Determinants, Digital Rights and Internet Freedom, and Economic Rights and Empowerment. Over 70% of Uganda’s population live in the rural settings and face more pressing health, economic and digital rights challenges than their urban counterparts. The need to address this rural-urban divide was the motivation for the name ‘’Rural Aid Foundation’’. The sustainability of our work is enshrined within our community-centered and community-led approaches. We believe communities understand their digital, health and economic challenges and that they are better positioned to work with us to address them. RAFO’s programs are conducted through rural local community structures such Rural Community Ambassadors (RCAs) who serve as a link between Rural Aid Foundation and their respective communities in which they live.

RAFO has offices are located at Ngangi trading center P o box 27 Kibaale twon council, off Kagadi Mubende road in Bunyoro sub region in Western Uganda. Our programs target hard to reach rural communities and refugee settlements. However through advocacy and partnerships, RAFO works at national level and aims to spread their impact throughout Uganda and into East Africa.