The 20,000 Shillings Project in Kibaale District.

For the last 4 years, RAFO has given Ugandan shillings 20,000 to 15 poor women, orphans and PWDs in Kibaale district in Bwamiramira sub-county per year. We hold initiation meetings with the beneficiaries before giving them this money. In these meetings, we discuss the viable and profitable business each can do with the money by getting suggestions from them.

Our team mainly those with business skills and economic and village leaders analyse and compare the likely profit and risks associated with each choice and advise the beneficiaries accordingly. We train them in records keeping and documentation to effectively manage their ventures. Such choice of business include buying seeds, investing in rabbit keeping, poultry, piggery, matooke  and more.

One example where we have registered success is in  2014 where the beneficiaries unanimously decided to buy piglets each. RAFO trained them in good Piggery practices, feeding and medication plus records keeping. These pigs each produces between 6 and 10 piglets which are sold 20,000 each every year.

By the end of 2016, each of these households had between 8 and 10 pigs each valued at 150,000 Ugandan shillings. By 2017, some had sold off 5 to 6 and bought motto cycles and joined the boda boda transport business.

Some of the piglets by farmers who are benefiting from the 20,000 project

Those that invested in “Matooke” (bananas) planting by using the 20,000/= to pay  for gardens labour are now harvesting and selling them in neighbouring markets like Karuguuza and Kitutu.

Some of the farmers in Karuguuza Market in 2017

This something that we are striving to take to another level.