Health and Health Determinants

Health and Health Determinants

Key Health Areas of Focus

Main areas of intervention include; Health and digital Health rights, HIV, sexual and Reproductive health, malaria, emergency diseases outbreaks, RHR, nutrition, maternal and child health and other health interventions. RAFO believes health is a human right and everyone’s responsibility. We thus advocate for equitable access to health services for vulnerable rural communities, refugees, women, children, persons with Disabilities, Ethnic and sexual minorities/LGBTI groups, Sex workers, asylum seekers and conflict affected persons.

Health Determinants

Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Scarcity of water is one of the biggest challenges affecting rural communities and refugees in various refugee settlements resulting into poor sanitation and hygiene leading to diseases. RAFO works to ensure such communities have access to safe and clean water. Through advocating for extension of bore holes, swallow wells, piped water and construction of waste disposal units in rural public places, refugee settlements, RAFO strives to ensure access to safe clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene.


RAFO aims to ensure every child, orphan and vulnerable children in rural communities, refugee children, and internally displaced children have access to formal (primary, secondary, tertiary and university) and informal education through strategies like online education, vocational skills training, and scholarship programs. We believe education is a human right, a protection tool and has a huge role in rural transformation.