Rural Community Technology Access (RCTA)

RAFO strives to bridge the “digital divide” between rural an urban communities by establishing the concept of “Rural community Technology.

Access (RCTA)’’. This is means extending technology services including computer and internet services closer to rural communities and refugee settlements as well as engaging rural communities in science, technology and innovation.

Rural community Technology access (RCTA) project

RAFO has advocated and supported the establishment of the Information communication technology in secondary schools in Ugnda as a subject to provide an opportunity for rural communities to have access to ICT services. A least 2 community technology centers have been constructed in refugee settlements and rural host communities in Uganda in Kiryandongo district and Kyangwali refugee settlement.

A computer class in Kiryangongo refugee settlement and Kibaale districts

The RCTA provides access to education services through online courses for refugees and rural communities. Other courses like videography, photography, data management and analysis, data base management, website designing need to be availed at such centrers. These centers are communication points for rural communities and refugees over social media, skype, twitter, instagram etc and the support staff at these centres provide technical skills in technology for rural communities.