Our Funding

Most of RAFO’s funding is locally generated through churches, mosques and individual local foundations, community fundraisings and our partner local organisations. We engage Community structures to fundraise for “the most vulnerable persons in the rural community” by engaging the middle and high income earners and other institutions from their own communities.

We also have a few individual international donors and our team is currently engaging more international donors to further support our work. Some of our international dornor include UHC2030, GHC

RAFO also generates resources through consultancy services to local and international companies, organisations, institutions and individuals in areas of Project planning and management, Monitoring and Evaluation, procurement and supply chain, strategic planning, research and funding Proposal writing, Information technology and robotics, data management and analysis, Human resource management and all areas of our rural community intervention.

We highly appreciate donors, funding agencies, individual persons and foundations that have supported and are continuing to support our work with material donations like clothes, shoes, food staffs, mattresses, blankets, seeds, farm equipment, animal supplies, poultry, school bags, sanitary pads, home utensils, computers, farm inputs, scholastic materials and many others.

To donate any of these items or more information contact us on;

Email:   info@ruralaid.org

or Contact us  on Whats up  on +256702145638