Kuhereka Project in Kibaale District

The “Kuhereka” project works for animal farming where by one animal is given to a youth. After it gives birth, the young one (female) is given to another person and this cycle continues. After a period of three or two year or on any agreed time, the first animal is rightfully owned by the first person it was given.

A 16 year old Sanyu in kibaale district shows off his hen as received under the project, which later produces 14 chicks after 4 months in 2016. He now bought 2 goats and a bicycle as well as buying school needs.

This model works for domestic animal like goats, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits and domestic birds like turkeys, ducks, hens etc. This model has seen many rural youth “school drop-out girls” and single mothers earn a living to cater for their children thus eradicating poverty.