RAFO strives to bring global issues deep to the rural communities and in a form they can explicitly understand them both in context and language. Some national issues in developing countries are a result of international conventions and conferences usually attended by national leaders. However the challenge comes when the rural communities are not adequately informed about the impact of such agendas and their roles in achieving them. RAFO brings international social, economic and environmental issues to the  citizens deep in their rural communities.

Current program/Project

UN-Village Link in Kibaale

United Nation being the highest international body has played a key role in sustainable development. The UN has set the development agenda for countries to adopt but such agenda remain in the hands of the government leaders. The biggest population in developing countries are citizens in the rural communities, several Miles from cities where government agencies are located.

This has created a big communication gap between the government and the rural citizens and UN development agendas have not reached the rural communities.

Such communities play a key role to ensure attainment of such development agendas by their countries. It is unfortunate that the common rural man and woman is continuing to blindly play a key role in achieving SDGs.

Under this program RAFO works to bridge the gap between UN, government and the rural community by sensitizing and educating the community on UN mandate, development agendas and systems. RAFO has engaged rural communities on SDGs and creates awareness how they contribute to each goal for their country to realize the achievement of these goals.